The knowledge and technology transfer (KTT) offered by the ETH Domain is a key component for the success of an innovative Switzerland. The ETH Domain also made a significant contribution to this in the current period thanks to 358 invention disclosure reports and 36 software notifications, as well as 230 patents and 341 licences

It encourages the formation of spin-offs and promotes their success by supporting them dur-ing the foundation phase with various services pro-vided by the institutions. 55 spin-offs were founded in the ETH Domain in 2018.

The institutions also work directly with private enterprise and the public sector. In concrete terms, the institutions of the ETH Domain entered into 594 new cooperation agreements with a volume of more than CHF 50,000 per contract with private enterprise and 261 with the public sector.


  • 358
    Invention disclosures
  • 36
    Software notifications
  • 230
  • 341
  • 55


KTT indicators and counting methods

The patents correspond only to priority applications, and the licences also include technology transfer agreements. The invention disclosures and software notifications correspond to the reports and notifications submitted in writing to the Technology Transfer Offices of the institutions of the ETH Domain in the year under review. They reflect activities in the early phases of the innovation process, thereby supplementing the other KTT indicators.

In order to reflect the cooperation between the institutions and private enterprise and the public sector, only recently concluded cooperation agreements are included. These are only research agreements and scientific services with a volume of at least CHF 50,000 per contract. Cooperation with the private sector is divided into two categories: projects that are directly financed by industry in Switzerland or abroad; and those funded by Innosuisse or the EU Research Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (FP). Cooperation with the public sector includes contracts with public sector institutions in Switzerland, but not those with national or international research funding organisations and foundations.